Who Makes the Rules?

Decision-Making for Standards

During this one-day workshop, Lisa will lead your team through a series of inputs and decisions exercises. These exercises will facilitate robust discussion about website standards “ownership,” which in turn will help organizations that struggle with uncertainty about who is supposed to ultimately decide standards for digital content, design, and technology. In order that the workshop can be customized to your organization, Lisa will spend a half-day undertaking preparation work with you. At the end of the workshop, we’ll then start to brainstorm next steps for bringing the full range of digital standards to life in your organization.

Who is this for?

Organizations that have some ongoing internal debate about who is empowered to create rules for topics such as content standards, information architecture, visual design, and shared technologies (e.g., content management systems).

What's the Outcome?

At the end of this workshop, the team should have completed a series of inputs and decisions grids for the full range of standards (i.e., design, editorial, publishing and development, and technical infrastructure). You’ll also have an understanding of the standards lifecycle and how to create and maintain standards so that they are actionable by the whole digital team.

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